Sea Freight

Security Risk on Containerized Cargo (Import/Export)

  • Transportation via road to / from ports.
  • LCL containers and customs Inspections.

The service provided by FSI covers all three areas

  • Inspecting containers for damages and discrepancies.
  • Securing containers with a special locking device and a satellite unit locked on the container with this lock.
    This unit is battery operated with various panic systems build in, including jamming detection and a recovery
    unit (soon to be replaced with the jamming resistant unit)
  • Our new units make use of the latest micro technology (that is being developed by our own team) in the world.
  • Armed surveillance from various points up to final destination.
  • Surveillance and assistance during customs inspections and degroupagecontainers(less than full container-LCL).

Additional Benefits

  • Pinpointing of damages and losses.
  • Reducing the threat of pilferage at various points.
  • Preventing Hi-jacking of cargo in transit (road surveillance &satellite tracking).