Air Freight

Security Risk on Airfreight (Import/Export Cargo)

  • Cargo being off-loaded and transported from the aircraft into the respective Airline warehouses.
  • Cargo being transported between airport and freight agents warehouses.
  • Cargo on route from freight agent’s warehouses to client’s warehouses.

The service provided by FSI covers all three areas

  • Surveillance from moment of off-loading.
  • Inspection for damages, theft and/or irregularities.
  • Checking of cargo into warehouses.
  • Armed surveillance when transporting between warehouses.

Additional Benefits

  • Pinpointing of damages and losses.
  • Reducing the threat of damages and/or pilferage of cargo at airports.
  • Being proactive in the attempt of the prevention of hijackings.

    With our new satellite units we have built a mobile unit, that is used on all cargo being escorted. These units
    consist of jamming detection and recovery unit should the unit be jammed