Satellite Tracking

The FSI satellite unit’s advanced system utilizes the latest GPS, GPRS and GSM technology. This technology has the ability to locate a vehicle or container anywhere within the GPS, GPRS or GSM coverage. Communication is achieved through a cost effective GPRS and GSM Technology while GPS is used for exact positioning.

Should a unit be jammed we have an additional RF device for recovery purpose. Our units are also loaded with
the latest jamming detection software.

The units used are of the latest technology in the world with incredible signal strength and stability.
This is especially convenient when following a vehicle / container in a theft or hijack situation.GSM channel through any cellular network ( Vodacom or MTN within the borders of South Africa) and GPRS, which is a new communications on the GSM networks. Our units are updating every 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the network.

Through this advanced technology, vehicle and container monitoring, through a centralized response centre,
can be achieved 24 hours per day, 7days a week.FSI in conjunction with our service provider puts you in total
control with a cargo management system that is also one of the most advanced tracking and recovery systems
in The World !

The vehicle carrying your cargo can be pinpointed, using street level maps, within meters.
The control room will immediately detect a deviation from a planned route and can also be
alerted if the vehicle carrying your cargo is entering a restricted zone if the transporter agrees
to a specific route.

Management reports will include movement status, alarm status and speed monitoring.

With all the aforementioned information at your fingertips, including estimated time of your container deliveries.